Reasons Why Geeks Are Great Lovers

Nerds have had it rough for a long time. They are often portrayed as frail, scared and unmanly. There are even stories about why geeks have less sex than others. However, these misconceptions are not only false, but right out misleading. Truth is that nerds come in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. A person who loves a hobby, topic or particular thing can be labeled a nerd or geek. If you go by that, then there are many names that belong on the list; including famous celebrities. Decades ago, a movie called Revenge of the Nerds became very popular. That’s because people generally root for the underdog. But since then, geeks have been portrayed unfavorably most of the time.

Stereotypes aside, there is evidence to prove that geeks make great lovers. The web is full of porn videos showing geeks having sex. The titles include things such as nerdy teen to pornstar has sex with nerd. Yet a lot of these nerd porn videos show how amazing the sex with them is. Chances are that if you haven’t had sex with a nerd yet, you may be missing out on certain things. Below are some of the benefits of having sex with a geek.

– Masters Of Finger Use

Most nerds love to play video games. Years of doing so allows and teaches them to become experts at using their fingers. Instead of finding a cheat code though, nerds can get to a woman’s G-spot fast. In the same way they become masters of the controllers, they will figure out which buttons make you click to make you reach an orgasm.

– Enjoy Fetishes, Role-Playing & Fantasies

A great deal of geeks love fantasy type movies and fictional characters. Some of them buy costumes and gear to dress up as their favorite heroes. Interestingly enough, this behavior has transcended into the sex world. Cosplay was something only nerds did before. However, it is presently a rising category in pornography and in mainstream society. Lots of couples use cosplay in to spice up their relationships and sex lives. There are tons of cosplay porn videos with nerds dressed up in costumes. Looking at a geek having sex while dressed in costumes, shows some of the reasons they are great lovers.

– Nerds Are All About Pleasing You

In the bedroom, being selfish can be disastrous. Many men tend to come long before the woman is even aroused or wet. Nerd have a type-b personality. That makes them more of a giver than takers. In bed, a geek will want to give you complete pleasure and satisfaction. You will be his or her hobby, and they will take it to heart.

– Not Afraid To Be Kinky

It’s no secret that a large portion of nerds are hackers or computer savvy. Because of that, they are generally more inclined to try new things. That penchant for experimenting, transcends into the bedroom. Your typical nerd will not be afraid to do wild, crazy or kinky things with you or for you.

– Experienced From Watching Porn

For people who don’t get too much real sex, the only alternative is watching others do it. Nerds watch tons of pornography. Doing so allows them to learn all kinds of sexual positions, tricks and new things. Ironically, people now watch nerd porn videos to see them working diligently to please their lovers.

– Geeks Love To Learn

When a person craves knowledge, they will tend to absorb it like a sponge. Nerds have a great deal of learning capabilities. That includes learning every single inch of their partner’s bodies. Since a nerd can easily solve complex codes, they can master the secrets of your vagina or penis.

– Excite You With Their Words

Smart people tend to have extensive vocabularies. Generally, they read all kinds of material and study. It results in their lexicon being huge and far-reaching. Those words can be brought to good use when it comes time to get down and dirty during sex. Using his long list of extracurricular uncouth phrases, will literally give dirty talk a new meaning.