Why Intellectuals Are The New Jocks

The community in American high school setting usually consists of glee members, band kids, intellectuals, cheerleaders, jocks, and gothic. The cliché storyline of the romantic comedy films American Pie and She’s Out Of My League revolved around the geek guy who defeated the arrogant jock and won the heart of the fiery girl with his intellectual prowess. Another film that showed how intellectuals survived the dominance of a fraternity brotherhood is the 1984 Revenge of the Nerds.

Several people correlate the term “jocks” to individuals who have a lean, muscular build and charming aura. They were also believed to lack in intellect, engage in masculine sports such as football, basketball, or rugby, drink on late nights, and associate with multiple partners. Meanwhile, intellectuals are frequently stereotyped as the virgin, skinny, black-haired, top-of-the-class student with the black-rimmed eyeglasses.

A recent survey by Modis about jocks and geeks showed that 57 percent of Americans consider the term “geek” as a compliment. They also added that they would prefer people to call them as such compared to jock. According to Jack Cullen, president of Modis, this new finding is a sign of character development that relates geeks to intellectuals such as Bill Gates. Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Furthermore, some people were born with brain and brawn. Neils Bohr, a physicist who contributed to the knowledge about quantum theory and atomic structure, was a football goalkeeper during his collegiate years at the University of Copenhagen. Edwin Hubble, on the other hand, was a well-known astronomer who discovered the occurrence of galaxies on the Milky Way. In 1909, he helped the basketball team Chicago Maroons to obtain its third consecutive championship title.

The days where intellectuals solely focus on video games and academics — not on their physical appearance — are soon-to-be-over. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, achieved his healthy lifestyle with proper, balanced diet and strenuous exercise, while Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, runs their company and goes into numerous extraneous sports such as rollerblading, ultimate Frisbee, and skydiving. The involvement of intellectuals in healthy living and fitness culture has essentially two reasons according to The Economist — fitness environment craze and mental boost. The battle between “nerds” and “jocks,” which is prevalent in American high school setting, has reached a conclusion when the technical intellectuals have earned more compared to the muscular jocks. These jocks cannot follow the scholars in academics, but these alpha-nerds can attain the muscular physique of jocks with proper diet, exercise equipment, and instructors.

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